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Race Rules
  1. Registration is from 7:30 am at the Steamboat Senior Center - 501 Jefferson Street - Downtown Burlington. You must pick up your numbers before the close of registration for your event. Registration closes 1 hour before the scheduled start time for each event. If you fail to pick up your number on time, you may forfeit your entry fee and your number will be offered to riders on any waiting lists. You will not be allowed to race if you do not have your racing license. You are required to show your license to registration officials before you are given your number.

  2. Riders will be staged in order of registration.

  3. NO FREE LAP at the Snake Alley Criterium.

  4. You must wear an approved helmet and have it properly fastened at all times you are on a bicycle at a race. This includes while warming up, on or off the course.

  5. Photo finish at all criteriums and road races for the weekend.

  6. Your racing license must be presented to collect any prizes. Prizes may be paid by check, you maybe required to sign a receipt. Prizes of $600 or more are reported to the Internal Revenue Service for which Social Security Numbers will be requested.

  7. NO REFUNDS, in accordance with USAC rules. All USAC rules to apply.

  8. Absolutely no warming up on the course before 8:45 am or during the noon break.

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